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Some Thoughts to Remember Reguarding Children's Art:


petaluma-child-care-facility1. Always have experimental art activities available for use. ( clay/playdough, paint, collage )

2. Provide enought space for the children to work.

3. Accept that the children will have different feelings toward their own style by experimentation.

4. Support the children's individualality. Let them develope their own style by experimentation.

5. Encourage the children to respect one another's expression.

6. Don't correct or "help" the children by imposing your expectations.

7. Never "correct" what the children have created.

8. Remember that young children are process oriented and tend to not regard teh final product as significant.

9. Let the children choose which art work to save (if they desire). Don't always save the "best" examples.

10. Let children hang up thier own art work if they desire.

11. Do not expect the children's art work to always be pleasing.



Feel free to contact Aunties Place Family Daycare.  We are located in Petaluma and you can reach us at (707) 334-2735 or click here to contact us.