611 Madison St.
Petaluma CA, 94952


Telephone: (707) 334-2735

License #493008327

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Contact Us

Aunties Place Family Daycare has rules to make sure everyone is safe!


Petaluma-day-care1. Everyone in our daycare is safe, all times.

2. Our daycare was created to meet the needs of it's members.

3. We do not allow Pushing or Shoving accept for the following:

  • Balls
  • Cars
  • Roly-Poly Bobbers

4. We do not allow hitting of any kinds accept for the following:

  • Baseballs
  • Cushions & Pillows
  • Bop Bag & Clown
  • Only if fun and games are associated

5. We allow no biting of any sort other than the following:

  • Food
  • Teething Rings
  • Our own Clothing

6. After we play, we are taught to put our toys away and back where they came from.

Here at Aunties Place we are taught the rules of life and to be kind to others and treat everyone how we would want to be treated and happiness is spread as a result.



Feel free to contact Aunties Place Family Daycare.  We are located in Petaluma and you can reach us at (707) 334-2735 or click here to contact us.