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carol-diahann-petaluma-child-careDiahann and Carol would like to extend their most sincere and heartfelt thanks to three individuals that so warmly and  graciously donated to Aunties Place Family Daycare. Ian Dauth of Dauth Hobbies, Jill Lee of Buffalo Billiards and Bryn Howlett of Byndustries, creating professional websites for small businesses.

Diahann and Carol attended a business course with Ian and after graduating Ian asked us to visit his store. Upon doing so, he surprised us with the most amazing car load of brand new, still packaged toys and hobbies for our day cae. This included everything from wooden train sets, doll houses, infant and toddler toys and wonderful games. Our daycare children love them and on our behalf and theirs, thank you Ian and good luck with your new store, Dauth Hobbies.

Our second thank you goes out to Jill Lee. Jill and Carol have known each other over the years while their children attended schools together. Fondly known as the "book lady", Jill represented scholastic book companies that sold books at school fairs. In addition, Jill was an after school day care provider for over ten years. After retiring she had a huge collection of toys, games, musical instruments and cd's, arts and crafts, educational supplies and teaching syllabuses. Upon learning of our daycare, Jill asked if we would like to have all of her supplies and material. Tis time I filled up two cars with the most amazing items for our day care. Thank you Jill and best of luck with you new business at Buffalo Billiards in Petaluma.

Lastly, Aunties Place Family Daycare thanks Bryn Howlett of Bryndustries, creating websites for small businesses.  Without Bryn, a friend of our family,  we would not have our wonderful website that enables us to reach out to all the families and children that make our day care so great. Bryn offered his services to us with great eagerness, infectious enthusiasm and tremendous professional knowledge without cost. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Bryn.



Petaluma day care with help from US BankJessica Tew                          
Branch Manager
U.S. Bank, Petaluma, CA

Dearest Jessica and your fantastic crew at the Safeway Branch of U.S. Bank,

Both Carol and I at Aunties Place Family Daycare wanted to thank you all for the invitation to participate in your business appreciation week and for investing in our business and community by giving us the opportunity to market our new business through your bank’s generous marketing efforts.

As a result of displaying our business information and the fabulous exposure at your branch we had three calls come in to Aunties Place Family Daycare. At this point we have already met with one of the parties that called.  She will be contacting us shortly to let us know when we will begin watching her child.  The positive impacts of your time and contributions were very much appreciated and we cannot thank you enough. I am sure that you had many options to pick from, and we are so pleased and honored that you had made Aunties Place Family Daycare your choice for that weeks featured business.

You and your team’s dedication and commitment are just a few key elements that make this branch of U.S. Bank so great.  You are all such treasures and we wholeheartedly want to thank you again for investing your time, talents and hard work. Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. You can be sure we will continue to do business with U.S. Bank and we will be referring you for years to come.

Kind Regards,

Diahann Orseth

Carol Maniscalco

(As a further  “Thank You” we will be adding this letter to our Website ‘s “Thank You” page)



Feel free to contact Aunties Place Family Daycare.  We are located in Petaluma and you can reach us at (707) 334-2735 or click here to contact us.